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Emergency Dentistry

If you have a dental emergency, we’ll see you today whether or not you’re one of our regular patients. Our main concern is to relieve your pain as soon as possible. If your emergency can be resolved with a simple procedure, we’ll provide that today as well. And if you need more extensive treatment, we’ll make sure you understand exactly what is going on in your mouth and discuss a permanent solution with you.

Possible Emergency Situations

  • You can get a toothache. This usually comes from decay getting deep into the tooth to where it begins to affect the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth). Once this pulp is infected, the tooth will need a root canal treatment to solve it. But pain can usually be relieved on an emergency basis with a quick palliative treatment.
  • A crown can come off. While the tooth may not even hurt, having a crown come off requires prompt treatment or the adjacent teeth will move into the space and the crown won’t fit any more.
  • A tooth can get knocked out. If that tooth can be replaced within half an hour, it may be savable. Do not touch the root and put it in a moist (not dripping wet) towel or into milk and come into the office as quickly as you can. Dr. Callan will replant it and hopefully we’ll be able to save it.
  • A wisdom tooth can become infected. The infection usually needs to be brought under control before the wisdom tooth can be removed. Emergency treatment may involve just antibiotics and pain medication.
  • A front tooth can break or chip. While this may not be painful, many people would consider this an esthetic emergency, and Dr. Callan can do a quick bonding treatment to restore your normal appearance.

Root Canal Treatment

A toothache will likely end up needing root canal treatment, which in the past was one of the most feared of all procedures. But you don’t need to worry. To begin with, we will not perform this treatment at an emergency appointment. In addition, new methods and technology have made it much more comfortable. You can expect to be largely pain free. Sometimes, the pulp inside the tooth is dead, which means that there is no feeling at all in your tooth.

Our goals in treating emergencies are to relieve your pain, help you have a good dental experience, and move you back into preventive care, which will always be easier and more affordable.

Emergency Dental Treatment and Fear

If you’re afraid or anxious about what is going to happen when you get here, rest assured. Dr. Callan has a gentle touch.

Some people who have had a dental ordeal very understandably don’t want to chance a repeat experience. This can lead to unintentional neglect and embarrassment. But we will never lecture or tease you. Instead, you’ll find the respect and help you need.

Just give us a call during office hours and we will see you today.