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Stephen P. Callan, DDS


Dr Steve Callan studied at the Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska from 2001-2005. He was one of only ten students from the state of Utah admitted to the school as part of a very competitive tuition reduction initiative called the Regional Dental Education Program. After graduating from Creighton with a DDS degree and passing the Central Regional dental boards, Dr Callan completed a one year General Practice Residency at the University of Colorado in Denver from 2005-2006. There he gained further experience and education in oral surgical procedures, oral and IV sedation, and treating patients with medically complex health histories. As a licensed Arizona dentist in Phoenix he worked for 12 years providing dental care for children, followed by 3 years working with a large group general dentistry practice. In 2022 Dr Callan took over “Teeth for Life” from its previous owner, who was a personal friend.

Continuing Education, etc.

Dr. Callan decided to become a dentist when he was in the seventh grade. His English teacher assigned him to write a paper about what his future career would be. He enjoyed science classes like biology and chemistry, but he wanted to link those interests with providing a valuable service to everyday people. At age 13, Steve interviewed his own dentist, who happened to be his uncle, in order to complete the English assignment. He liked the idea of being a dentist so much that he stuck with it throughout high school and college, and hasn’t looked back since.


Dr Callan views dentistry as health care rather than as simply a consumer product to sell. He explains his patients’ dental conditions and the many solutions he can provide for them in plain language. He rejects a “salesman” approach to dentistry and would never recommend a treatment simply to “upsell” a patient. He will only engage in treatment if there is a well defined problem for which he can provide a well performed, appropriate solution. He focuses on prevention and on solving problems early while they are smaller, easier to manage, and less expensive for his patients. The name of his practice “Teeth for Life” reflects his interest in helping his patients keep their teeth for as long as they can. He believes in preserving the natural teeth as long as practically manageable. When a tooth or teeth cannot be saved, Dr Callan finds great satisfaction in providing replacement solutions that can provide the natural appearance and function of teeth so his patients can have “Teeth for Living Life” without the frustration caused by missing teeth. Dr Callan’s goal is to develop long term relationships with his patients in order to provide comprehensive care of their “Teeth for Life.”

Personal Life

Dr Callan has lived in the East Valley since 2006 – first in Gilbert and now in Mesa since 2014. He loves this community where he and his wife have raised their four children. Outside of work Dr Callan enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with his family. He enjoys reading and listening to Podcasts and classic rock. Dr Callan also enjoys participating in public service efforts and projects through his faith community. He understands his work as a healthcare provider as the largest part of his own faith inspired service to mankind in general.